Welcome to NTC

Until 1989 the Africa Inland Church had only 2 Bible Training Schools.  These schools were for primary school leavers and offered a 4-year training Program.  For those eligible for advanced Biblical training, the AIC (T) had to rely on colleges and institutions outside Tanzania such as Scott Theological College in Kenya.  As the AIC (T) grew, it became obvious that the church needed its own theological college to meet the growing need for leaders able to confront the many challenges it was facing.

About the same time, the border with Kenya was closed and the countries of East Africa adopted their own currencies thus making it very difficult for Tanzanians to study in Kenya or elsewhere.  Many in AIC (T) began to pray that God would make it possible to start their own theological college. God answered these prayers by calling qualified people to be teachers and by providing the necessary finances for the first stage of the development of the college.

In January of 1989, Nassa Theological College accepted 8 students and began classes.  Today NTC continues to experience God’s blessing as He continues to cause it to grow and thus equip men and women with Biblical training and skills for ministry.