Student Affairs

Apostle Paul encouraged his disciple Timothy to set an example in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.  At NTC, we encourage students to examine and develop their personal lives in relation to personal appearance, purity, discipline, and relationships. Student Council Students’ Council is an elected body at the College that advocates on behalf of students. The leaders are elected by the student body annually. These elections are overseen by the Dean of students. Student Services Housing

  • NTC Student Families on Campus.  The College expects married students to come with their families when housing is available.  If housing is not available when students begin their studies at NTC, the student will stay in the dorm.  As soon as housing becomes available, the family is required to move to NTC.
  • Single students. They are  assigned rooms in the dormitory. Bedding and all meals are provided by the College. Single students eat together in the dining hall. Each student is encouraged to read, understand and adhere to all the rules of the dormitory.

Medical facilities AIC Bulima Dispensary is within easy walking distance of the College.  Medical help is available there at a reasonable cost.  For more serious difficulties, medical assistance may be needed elsewhere.  The preferred hospitals are Mkula, Bugando or Makongoro.    Students will be responsible for their medical expenses. Student Handbook And School Catalog These books are  distributed to all first year students at the time of joining the college. The books provide detailed guide to student life and the relevant  rules and regulations of the college.   Christian Service Ministries. Chapel services are held throughout the week. Students are expected to attend and are provided with opportunities to lead, preach and share personal testimonies in these services. All students are required to take part in some form of Christian Service assignment as directed by the College.  The amount of time required to prepare for this ministry and to do the ministry will vary according to the various types of work assigned. Students will be expected to remain in that ministry throughout their four years at NTC.  A change in any assignment will only be made after adequate consultation with all parties involved.  

Purpose and Objectives of the Christian ministry

  • To provide students with practical situations in which they can grow spiritually.
  • To provide supervised opportunities to develop evangelistic and discipleship skills using information taught in the classroom.
  • To provide students with opportunities to discover and use their spiritual gifts and to see how those gifts can be used in any situation God puts them in.
  • To provide students with practical opportunities to use lessons learned in the classroom.
  • To provide exposure to and experience in the various types of ministries found in the church, and to learn to appreciate what makes these ministries successful.

The NTC staff  are always willing and available to provide guidance and instruction to students with regard to Christian Service assignments.  We encourage students to bring their questions and concerns to the staff for discussion. Regular reports are required of the students.  These reports may be either written or oral.